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Controversies of Globalisation

Željka Šporer ; School of International Business, University of South Australia

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APA 6th Edition
Šporer, Ž. (2000). Controversies of Globalisation. Revija za sociologiju, 31 (3-4), 165-181. Preuzeto s
MLA 8th Edition
Šporer, Željka. "Controversies of Globalisation." Revija za sociologiju, vol. 31, br. 3-4, 2000, str. 165-181. Citirano 18.10.2019.
Chicago 17th Edition
Šporer, Željka. "Controversies of Globalisation." Revija za sociologiju 31, br. 3-4 (2000): 165-181.
Šporer, Ž. (2000). 'Controversies of Globalisation', Revija za sociologiju, 31(3-4), str. 165-181. Preuzeto s: (Datum pristupa: 18.10.2019.)
Šporer Ž. Controversies of Globalisation. Revija za sociologiju [Internet]. 2000 [pristupljeno 18.10.2019.];31(3-4):165-181. Dostupno na:
Ž. Šporer, "Controversies of Globalisation", Revija za sociologiju, vol.31, br. 3-4, str. 165-181, 2000. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 18.10.2019.]

Globalisation is the latest stage in the permanent process of social change that started as industrialisation and modernisation in Europe but now is spreading globally. The paper analyzes different globalisation theories and how the recent wave of globalisation (in the last 30 years) is related to historical events that caused change in economy, ideology and technology.
Globalisation is defined as the process of converting separate national economies into an integrated world economy; in the social sphere as intensifying social relations on distance and in the political sphere as a loss of power and authority of nation-states. Starting with that definition the main part of the paper is devoted to analysing economic, social and political indicators, and the consequences of globalisation. As a term and ongoing process globalisation becomes widely recognised, and people with usually very different ideological views begin to foim a new “strange” alliance against globalisation.

Ključne riječi
globalisation; social change; social movements

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