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Nekoliko preostalih zagonetaka iz ćirilometodske problematike

Henrik Birnbaum

Puni tekst: engleski, pdf (27 MB) str. 7-32 preuzimanja: 476* citiraj
APA 6th Edition
Birnbaum, H. (1999). Nekoliko preostalih zagonetaka iz ćirilometodske problematike. Slovo, (47-48-49), 7-32. Preuzeto s
MLA 8th Edition
Birnbaum, Henrik. "Nekoliko preostalih zagonetaka iz ćirilometodske problematike." Slovo, vol. , br. 47-48-49, 1999, str. 7-32. Citirano 15.05.2021.
Chicago 17th Edition
Birnbaum, Henrik. "Nekoliko preostalih zagonetaka iz ćirilometodske problematike." Slovo , br. 47-48-49 (1999): 7-32.
Birnbaum, H. (1999). 'Nekoliko preostalih zagonetaka iz ćirilometodske problematike', Slovo, (47-48-49), str. 7-32. Preuzeto s: (Datum pristupa: 15.05.2021.)
Birnbaum H. Nekoliko preostalih zagonetaka iz ćirilometodske problematike. Slovo [Internet]. 1999 [pristupljeno 15.05.2021.];(47-48-49):7-32. Dostupno na:
H. Birnbaum, "Nekoliko preostalih zagonetaka iz ćirilometodske problematike", Slovo, vol., br. 47-48-49, str. 7-32, 1999. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 15.05.2021.]

In this paper the author re-examines some remaining puzzles in Cyrillo-Methodian research. To begin with, the suprising fact is considered that neither the Moravian(-Pannonian) mission of the Thessalonian brothers nor the mission to Khazaria, headed by Constantine-Cyril, are mentioned in any of Byzantine sources. Further, the unexpected formulation found in the Vita Constantini (VC) and attributed to Khazar envoys to Byzantium is discussed, given that Khazaria had, at least in part, converted to Judaism several generations earlier. In the main portion of the essay, three important, yet so far unresolved issues are being re-examined. They are: 1) the phrase rusьskymi pismeny found in the VC, where the author dwells in particular on two new interpretations, proposed by H. Goldblatt and A.-E. Tachiaos, respectively, interpretations which are found wanting in some respects, however; 2) the location of Moravia - here I. Boba's hypothesis in once again rejected entirely while the military-historical reasoning of C. Bowlus (intended to support Boba's theory) deserves at least furher consideration in a more limited context, and M. Eggers' recent notion of Moravia's location in the Great Hungarian Plain (in the Tisza valley) has some merit, notwithstanding serious shortcomings and outright flaws in his argumentation; 3) the so-called Methodii doctrina, i. e., the highly varying attitude toward Methodius and his teaching by the Papacy (and the Frankish Church) durnig his lifetime and Rome's skeptical position with regard to his "doctrine" in the region of Glagolitic Dalmatia (in the broad sense).

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