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Sociology and Management

Josip Županov ; The Faculty of Political Science, Zagreb

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In this paper the relation between (industrial) sociology and management has been reconsidered. The author holds that management is a form of »social engineering«, not the fundamental or applied science. Sociologists and managers can cooperate as members of specific professions. Namely, they both are concerned with human behaviour-Sociology is trying to understand human behaviour within the industry/work, while management is practicing active influence in order to design specific human behaviour concerning practical purposes of organizations.
Sociologists can use their knowledge about human behaviour and organizations in a form of experts’ opinion but sociology must not become »the servant of power«. The participative management, oriented to human resources development, seems to be a serious partner to a desired vision of sociology. It is the sociology which aims to understand the human side of enterprise and to develop the conscience of a man as most precious factor of economic and social efficiency.

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