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Sociology and Enterpreneurship

Drago Čengić ; The Institute for Social Research of University of Zagreb, Zagreb

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Considering the place of enterpreneurship in Croatian and (former
yugoslav sociology from late 60-ties till late 80-ties, the author holds that
sociologists have not been developed modern notion of enterpreneurship
(entrepreneur as »homo oeconomicus« in democratic and liberal society).
Rather, they discussed about enterpreneurship temporarily within the
global problems of economic and social development inside specific sociological
disciplines oriented to organizations (discussions about »collective
enterpreneurship«, legitimation of management, etc.).
The present approach to enterpreneurship start with a new concept
of economic freedom; now it is the freedom of individuals not only of
collective institutions like before. Sociological approach to enterpreneurship
in this context has to include: a) education in »economic sociology«
and specific topics of management/enterpreneurship practice; b) cooperation
with other relevant professions (like economists, law experts, psychologists);
c) practical problem solving participation in managerial and
enterpreneurial firms.

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