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Entrepreneurship – The Organization's and Management's Way of Behaviour

Fikreta Bahtijarević-Šiber ; Faculty of Economics, Zagreb

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APA 6th Edition
Bahtijarević-Šiber, F. (1990). Poduzetništvo – način ponašanja organizacije i menedžmenta. Revija za sociologiju, 21 (3), 529-541. Preuzeto s
MLA 8th Edition
Bahtijarević-Šiber, Fikreta. "Poduzetništvo – način ponašanja organizacije i menedžmenta." Revija za sociologiju, vol. 21, br. 3, 1990, str. 529-541. Citirano 18.10.2019.
Chicago 17th Edition
Bahtijarević-Šiber, Fikreta. "Poduzetništvo – način ponašanja organizacije i menedžmenta." Revija za sociologiju 21, br. 3 (1990): 529-541.
Bahtijarević-Šiber, F. (1990). 'Poduzetništvo – način ponašanja organizacije i menedžmenta', Revija za sociologiju, 21(3), str. 529-541. Preuzeto s: (Datum pristupa: 18.10.2019.)
Bahtijarević-Šiber F. Poduzetništvo – način ponašanja organizacije i menedžmenta. Revija za sociologiju [Internet]. 1990 [pristupljeno 18.10.2019.];21(3):529-541. Dostupno na:
F. Bahtijarević-Šiber, "Poduzetništvo – način ponašanja organizacije i menedžmenta", Revija za sociologiju, vol.21, br. 3, str. 529-541, 1990. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 18.10.2019.]

With an ever greater business and scientific interest in entrepreneurship the number of different concepts and approaches toward this phenomenon has also increased. Instead of synthesizing the knowledge of different sciences (economy, sociology, psychology and others) diffusion takes place, the subject of research becomes obscure and fluid or is reduced to one dimension depending on the disciplinary approach and »angle of observation*. Thereby, instead of theoretical establishment and explication the concept all the more transforms into a »theoretical abstraction« of very diverse contents and dimensions. The more recent attempts at integrating knowledge and a more adequate conceptualization of this phenomenon place it into a bihavioural framework of analysis taking entrepreneurship, as a specific form of innovative and developmentally-oriented behaviour which ensures continuous rapid growth and constant change, as the starting point. Such an approach enables the binding of entrepreneurship with the organization and management and not only with individuals, with large and not small companies, with all the branches of economy, and enables the introduction of the concept of collective entrepreneurship instead of observing it as an exclusively individual activity and action (establishing one’s own company for example). Having in mind such a conceptual framework the essential components of the entrepreneurial organization and management are analysed. Entrepreneurial behaviour of the organization is deemed the resultant of high interaction between five key variables of each organization and its forcefulness: the variables are people, strategies, structures, organizational culture and management. These are, also, the dimensions according to which entrepreneurial organizations are differentiated from un-entrepreneurial, bureaucratic organizations.

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