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Participatio in liturgy: celebrations of pilgrim church

Domagoj Volarević   ORCID icon ; Catholic Faculty of Theology, University of Split

Puni tekst: hrvatski, pdf (248 KB) str. 42-65 preuzimanja: 253* citiraj
APA 6th Edition
Volarević, D. (2016). Participatio u bogoslužju: slavlja putujuće crkve. Služba Božja, 56 (1), 42-65. Preuzeto s
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Volarević, Domagoj. "Participatio u bogoslužju: slavlja putujuće crkve." Služba Božja, vol. 56, br. 1, 2016, str. 42-65. Citirano 20.01.2021.
Chicago 17th Edition
Volarević, Domagoj. "Participatio u bogoslužju: slavlja putujuće crkve." Služba Božja 56, br. 1 (2016): 42-65.
Volarević, D. (2016). 'Participatio u bogoslužju: slavlja putujuće crkve', Služba Božja, 56(1), str. 42-65. Preuzeto s: (Datum pristupa: 20.01.2021.)
Volarević D. Participatio u bogoslužju: slavlja putujuće crkve. Služba Božja [Internet]. 2016 [pristupljeno 20.01.2021.];56(1):42-65. Dostupno na:
D. Volarević, "Participatio u bogoslužju: slavlja putujuće crkve", Služba Božja, vol.56, br. 1, str. 42-65, 2016. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 20.01.2021.]

Starting from the incentive of the Second Vatican Council
Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy Sacrosantum Concilium (SC
11), in this paper we are trying to present the development and meaning of the term participatio, which is translated in modern languages, and also in Croatian, as taking part/participation.
The attributes to this term: fruitful and active, as contained in the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, could be said to be the abstract of church Tradition, but also a wish that liturgical cele- bration and its actualization in pastoral were inspired today by the sources of liturgy and church tradition. In this work we reviewed the meaning of the term participatio in the exclusively Christian context or, more precisely, in Roman liturgy. In the historical review, we displayed the meaning of the term and its content starting from the use of the term in the Holy Scriptu- re, with Church Fathers, in liturgical sources and finally in the documents of the Second Vatican Council. In the second part of the work we are looking at the current attribution of the term participatio mostly based on liturgical and pastoral studies, popular publications, liturgical guides and/or aids that can help believers to fully and actively participate in liturgy.

Ključne riječi
liturgy; worship; participatio; participation; Sacrosanctum Concilium; Church Fathers; liturgical books; liturgical aids; people of God

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