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Fragments of my lecturing days in Pula

Vesna Požgaj Hadži

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From 1997/98 to 2009/10 I was a part-time lecturer in Croatian Language Teaching Methodology and Stylistics of the Croatian Language at the Department of Croatian Studies of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, today’s Department of Humanities of the Juraj Dobrila University in Pula. Since the aim of the paper is to outline fragments of my lecturing days in Pula, the paper intertwines essayistic and scientific and professional elements. The essay part of the paper deals with the memories of my students and my memories of the given period, and the scientific and professional part of the paper covers topics in methodology and stylistics of the Croatian language and the ways these were presented to students as part of lectures and seminars. By connecting theory to practice within one course, but also in an interdisciplinary way, I highlight the use of various methods as part of different methodological systems. In view of the methodology of Croatian language, special attention is given to student motivation for teaching and learning Croatian language and literature and the role of teacher/lecturer in today’s society. As for the stylistics of the Croatian language, students are referred to the methodology of researching language around us, and to approaching language critically. I provide examples of students’ concepts for papers, present the results of their language research on different text types and different functional styles (from the language of the media to the colloquial). In this way students expand their knowledge of a given topic, learn to write scientific papers, and improve their oral presentation skills. In the conclusion I find that the results of research into the communication roles of language are close to critical discourse analysis, with special emphasis given to the proactive position of the author of the text.

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Croatian language; methodology; teacher/lecturer; stylistics; critical approach to language

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