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Domains, registers and genres in the Croatian language

Majda Čolak

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One of the most important properties of language, its functional diferentiation, is approached differently by the members of Prague linguistic circle and the American pragmalinguists, respectively. The Prague school is known as the source of functional stylistics, which remains the dominant model in Croatian linguistics despite its many shortcomings, not the least of which is almost complete neglect of spoken language and consequently the speech norm. It is precisely these shortcomings that prompted us to find a more suitable theoretical frame for studying the diaphasic (functional-contextual) varieties of language. Through a comparative analysis of recent published works, we have found an approach that could be far more adaptable and suitable for studying the Croatian language, especially the spoken varieties. The approach focuses on four terms: domain, register, genre and style. Domain, of course, signifies context, and has a higher rank compared to the other three terms. The basic goal of this paper is to present genre, register and style as three possible approaches to the same text variety that co-exist, but do not overlap. Literary style and its unresolved status are also viewed through register perspective, which offers a possible solution for the issue.

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functional diferentiation; domain; register; genre; style; literary style

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