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Some remarks on the prepositions meždu and izmeždu

Jasna Vince

Puni tekst: hrvatski, pdf (342 KB) str. 111-120 preuzimanja: 144* citiraj
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The paper is based on the corpus of texts for Rječnik crkvenoslavenskoga jezika hrvatske redakcije being produced in Staroslavenski institut in Zagreb. Its main purpose is to present the syntactic and semantic variety of the prepositinal phrases with meždu ('between'). Graphic variants of the preposition meždu are listed: meždû, meždu, meĵû, meĵu, meû, měû, meu, meĵ i mei . From them the phonological realizations meždu, meju and apocoped mej are discerned, the first one being Old Church Slavonic and the other two čakavian. Like other exclusive prepositions nad, pod, prěd and za it governs the instrumental and the accusative. The prototypical meaning 'where' (with the instrumental) is better attested than the meaning 'where to' (with the accusative). The exclusive nad, pod, prěd and za are opposed to the inclusive v and na where the object and the localizor are in contact. The preposition meždu differs from other exclusive prepositions in that it typically combines with two localizors and that it can be found as a variant of the inclusive in. Along with double localizors with the preposition meždu there exist single and multiple ones. From the primary spatial meaning two further meanings, relational and temporal have evolved. By its origin the preposition meždu is the locative dual of the substantive mežda. In the paper other words with the root mežd-/mej- are cited. Among them is the preposition izmeždu with the genitive in ablative meaning.

Ključne riječi
preposition meždu; Croatian Glagolitic texts; instrumental; accusative; spational meaning; relational meaning; temporal meaning

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