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Luka Perušić   ORCID icon ; University of Zagreb, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Centre of Excellence for Integrative Bioethics, Zagreb, Croatia

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APA 6th Edition
Perušić, L. (2015). Agon-kompleks. Filozofska istraživanja, 35 (3), 415-433. Preuzeto s
MLA 8th Edition
Perušić, Luka. "Agon-kompleks." Filozofska istraživanja, vol. 35, br. 3, 2015, str. 415-433. Citirano 26.02.2021.
Chicago 17th Edition
Perušić, Luka. "Agon-kompleks." Filozofska istraživanja 35, br. 3 (2015): 415-433.
Perušić, L. (2015). 'Agon-kompleks', Filozofska istraživanja, 35(3), str. 415-433. Preuzeto s: (Datum pristupa: 26.02.2021.)
Perušić L. Agon-kompleks. Filozofska istraživanja [Internet]. 2015 [pristupljeno 26.02.2021.];35(3):415-433. Dostupno na:
L. Perušić, "Agon-kompleks", Filozofska istraživanja, vol.35, br. 3, str. 415-433, 2015. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 26.02.2021.]

Considering the three orders in the cosmic assembly (macrocosm, microcosm and mesocosm), using an integrative analysis of cosmological understandings of variously-oriented metaphysicists and scientists, I firstly reach to a conclusion on entanglement of two developed cosmic principles that define the relational totality of objects and meanings. The first I term gathering- one-allness, which I describe with arhe-complex. The second I term itself-against-striving, which I describe with eris-complex. On the basis of a shift from enclosed systems (non-living being) to open systems (living being), I elaborate how arhe- and eris-complex create logoscomplex and agon-complex and in what way this new entanglement passes through corporeality (microcosm) to society (mesocosm), in the broadest sense appearing as a strife between realpolitics and utopian striving. In further development, I suggest an articulation of the current world state with the term biopolitical agon in which the power flows through infosphere relays. It is based on dismembering the living into convertible information that contains power in the ability to regulate and be regulated, i.e. the ability of the biopolitical to subdue logos with agon through logos itself, which I attempt to explain by matching this issue with previously mentioned phenomena. With corporeality as an instrument of transformative bitisation, I further discuss societal leaning towards cancelling the original purpose of logos-complex and depowering it regarding the control of bodily articulation of its own purpose-defining. This I shortly outline and then route back to the research’s starting point.

Ključne riječi
cosmos; logos; agon; corporeality; biopolitics; integrativity

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