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Tehnički vjesnik, Vol.23 No.3 Lipanj 2016.

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PID and fuzzy controlling three phase asynchronous machine by low level DC source three phase inverter

Erol Can   ORCID icon ; Erzincan University, Vocational High School, Electronic and Automation Department, Erzincan, Turkey
H. Hüseyin Sayan ; Gazi University, Faculty of Technology, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Ankara, Turkey

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Can, E., Sayan, H.H. (2016). PID and fuzzy controlling three phase asynchronous machine by low level DC source three phase inverter. Tehnički vjesnik, 23(3). doi:10.17559/TV-20150106105608
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Can, E., Sayan, H.H. (2016). PID i neizrazito upravljanje trofaznim asinhronim motorom pomoću trofaznog izmjenjivača slabe istosmjerne struje. Tehnički vjesnik, 23(3). doi:10.17559/TV-20150106105608

In this study, a three-phase asynchronous motor driven by a broad-based system is described. So, mathematical model of converter, sinus pulse width modulation for the three phase inverter, and mathematical model of three-phase asynchronous motor have to be utilized in order to establish the system. After creating such a system, Fuzzy Logic and PID controllers are focused in order to get satisfactory results which are short settling time of rotor speed, low harmonic and short settling time of high phase current. Created mathematical models are run at the MATLAB Simulink. Direct voltage is applied to converter input. This voltage is represented by a renewable energy source that could be obtained from solar energy source. The direct voltage is lower than the peak of the alternating voltage. The alternating voltage is obtained from output of the inverter to drive the induction motor. Firstly, resistive (R) and inductive (L) loads are driven. Secondly, three-phase asynchronous motor (ASM) is driven with the low direct voltage. After that, simulation results are given in order to demonstrate performance and effectiveness of the proposed system.

Ključne riječi
Fuzzy Logic; inverter; microcontroller; PID (proportional–integral–derivative); pulse-width modulation

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