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Antonija Šarić ; Prehrambeno-tehnološki fakultet Osijek, Republika Hrvatska
Lidija Obad ; Prehrambeno-tehnološki fakultet Osijek, Republika Hrvatska

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This paper provides a historical overview of the theory of interlanguage development, its basic features and variability, interlanguage dimensionsand new knowledge. The basic goal of interlanguage, which is defined as a dynamic language system while learning a second language, is to explain its development and support the fact that interlanguage ultimately cannot be equated with the targetlanguage. Interlanguage retains some properties of the
first language or generalizes the rules a second language, during speaking or writing, and creates its own innovations. The process of learning a second language is based on the research of language, which changes during various stages of development. Variability of student’s interlanguage is systematic or unsystematic, which is an indication of its dynamism. In addition to that, interlanguage is characterized by permeabilityand systematic quality. Research on interlanguage includes psycholinguistic, linguistics, social and discourse factors that determine the progress and success of the target language acquisition.

cognitive processes; context; dynamic, interlanguage; first and second language; permeability; systematic

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