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America as Empire

Božo Kovačević ; Visoka škola međunarodnih odnosa i diplomacije DaG Hammarskjold, Zagreb

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Discussions on American Great Strategy and position of America in the contemporary world take place mostly within the general confrontation between neo-conservatism and liberal internationalism. In this a rticle I present positions of the authors who are discussing the same topics, but are not opting for any of the two dominant conceptions. Those who think that America should not become an empire consider, like those who think that America already is an empire, that unilateralism and preoccupation only with the exercise of selfinterest are dangerous. Instead of convincing itself and the world that numerous American interventions are the results of its altruism and good intentions, America needs to accept the fact that it is an empire and needs to face the price of its maintenance.

Ključne riječi
Empire; Hegemony; Unilateralism; Neo-conservativism; Liberal Internationalism

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