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Cosmopolitics as a Precondition for Global Justice

Marin Beroš   ORCID icon ; Institut društvenih znanosti »Ivo Pilar«, Područni centar Pula, Leharova 1, HR–52100 Pula

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Lives that we are going to lead are not determined only by our bodies, they are also determined by the surroundings in which these bodies reside. The fact that the birth of a person of the same physical and mental abilities in different regions of the Earth leads to a completely different life opportunities should deeply concern us. While the sheer physicality cannot and should not be equalized to achieve fairness in opportunities that individuals have in society, relations within and among political communities could and should be changed if we want a fairer world. Cosmopolitics as a branch of political philosophy, through intertwining the ideas of cosmopolitanism and democracy, deals with the considerations of possibility and probability of creating the global political system that is at the same time just and efficient. This article will provide an overview of basic problems related to the establishment of cosmopolitan democracy, and finally, it will consider some of the concrete proposals for its establishment by the theorists such as David Held and Daniele Archibugi.

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cosmopolitics; cosmopolitanism; global justice; global governance; cosmopolitan democracy

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