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Drvna industrija : Znanstveni časopis za pitanja drvne tehnologije, Vol.67 No.3 Rujan 2016.

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A Preliminary Characterization of Eco-Innovators and Eco-Designers in Slovenia

Manja Kitek Kuzman ; University of Ljubljana, Department of Wood Science and Technology, Biotechnical Faculty, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Panwar Rajat ; University of British Columbia, Faculty of Forestry, Vancouver, BC Canada
Martina Zbašnik-Senegačnik ; University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Architecture, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Kitek Kuzman, M., Rajat, P., Zbašnik-Senegačnik, M. (2016). A Preliminary Characterization of Eco-Innovators and Eco-Designers in Slovenia. Drvna industrija : Znanstveni časopis za pitanja drvne tehnologije, 67(3). doi:10.5552/drind.2016.1546

Eco-innovation is crucial to Europe’s economic competitiveness; environment-friendly technologies have a positive impact on businesses and contribute to job creation. A survey of perceptions and attitudes about eco-innovation and eco-design among 712 Slovenian enterprises was conducted. The survey included micro, small and medium enterprises, and large companies. Analysis of the survey revealed that eco-design in Slovenia is underexploited. Only approximately 50 % of the 657 respondents have established an innovative environment for sustainable development or support for eco-innovation processes. Based on the survey results, it was concluded that further development and promotion will require comprehensive policies at the local and national levels. Specifically, policy solutions should advocate combining eco-innovation and adopting a life-cycle design approach. These policies could result in the development of successful innovations at a breakthrough level. Eco-innovation and eco-design present Slovenian enterprises with the opportunity to create new markets where they could dominate and prosper. Furthermore, Slovenia could become an important contributor to the European Union goal of becoming a smart, sustainable, and inclusive economy by fully satisfying the objectives of four “Europe 2020” Flagship initiatives, while simultaneously contributing to reducing climate change.

Ključne riječi
eco-design; eco-innovations; opinion; market potential; analysis; Slovenia

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