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Jezikoslovlje, Vol. 17. No. 1-2., 2016.

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non-numerically quantified noun phrases with a governing quantifier

Ana Kovačević ; Staroslavenski institut u Zagrebu

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A. Kovačević, "Upravljana neobrojčena kvantifikacija", Jezikoslovlje, vol.17., br. 1-2., str. 117-133, 2016. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 24.04.2019.]

Non-numerically quantified noun phrases with a governing quantifier are those in which adverbial or substantival quantifiers govern the complement in genitive case, e.g. in Croatian Church Slavonic:
(1) vele blaga
much treasure-GEN.SG
ʽa lot of treasureʼ
(2) čest' ribi pečeni
piece-NOM.SG fish-GEN.SG broiled-GEN.SG
ʽa piece of broiled fishʼ
The paper examines and describes basic semantic and syntactic characteristics of this kind of quantified noun phrases (QNPs) with regard to QNP's components and their number, word order, genitive of quantity, QNP – predicate agreement, QNP – next predicate agreement, QNP – anaphoric words agreement. The agreement analysis shows that both components of a QNP, quantifier as well as it's compliment, can act as an agreement controller.
The study is based on the corpus of the Croatian Glagolitic texts of the Church Slavonic period, i.e. on the referential and representative corpus of the Dictionary of the Croatian Redaction of Church Slavonic. Therefore, some noticeable diachronic features in comparison with modern Croatian have been mentioned as well.

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non-numerically quantified noun phrases; government; agreement; Croatian Church Slavonic

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