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Intermodal Supply Chain Risk Management

Marinko Maslarić   ORCID icon ; University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technical Sciences, Novi Sad, Serbia
Nikolina Brnjac ; University of Zagreb, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, Zagreb, Croatia
Drago Bago ; Zagrebšped, Zagreb, Croatia

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Efficient and secure global supply chains contribute to the Improvement of the competitiveness of the products traded on international markets by reducing their costs and delivery time while increasing the reliability and security. Global supply chains are unthinkable without transport integration, which is usually accomplished through the form of intermodal transport systems. Intermodal transport systems are much more complex than the unimodal ones due to the number of stakeholders, included transportation resources, infrastructure and processes, which in case of poor coordination in the planning, organization and implementation of transport chain logistic activities can lead to increased supply chain vulnerability. Therefore, the main challenge in the functioning of intermodal transport operations in supply chains is to increase their efficiency taking into account the problems of associated risks. The current initiatives on the topic of identification and management of risks in the intermodal supply chains do not provide a complete and clear picture of the potential problems which the intermodal supply chains are exposed to. Hence, the purpose of this paper, which is based on the literature review of the model of the intermodal transport system structure and models of risk management in supply chains in general, is to provide a framework for a holistic Consideration of risks in intermodal supply chains, which can lead to the improvement of their efficiency and competitiveness.

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intermodal transport; intermodal supply chain; risk; risk management

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