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APA 6th Edition
(2016). Corrigendum. Arhiv za higijenu rada i toksikologiju, 67 (4), A25-A25.
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"Corrigendum." Arhiv za higijenu rada i toksikologiju, vol. 67, br. 4, 2016, str. A25-A25. Citirano 06.03.2021.
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"Corrigendum." Arhiv za higijenu rada i toksikologiju 67, br. 4 (2016): A25-A25.
(2016). 'Corrigendum', Arhiv za higijenu rada i toksikologiju, 67(4), str. A25-A25.
Corrigendum. Arh Hig Rada Toksikol. [Internet]. 2016 [pristupljeno 06.03.2021.];67(4):A25-A25.
"Corrigendum", Arhiv za higijenu rada i toksikologiju, vol.67, br. 4, str. A25-A25, 2016. [Online].

We have discovered a technical analytical error in our study Dzhambov AM, Dimitrova DD. Exposure-response relationship between traffic noise and the risk of stroke: a systematic review with meta-analysis. Arh Hig Rada Toksikol 2016;67(2):136-51 (DOI: 10.1515/aiht-2016-67-2751). When transforming categorical risk estimates into linear estimates for inclusion in the meta-analysis using the vwls and glst STATA commands, we did not adequately transpose the exposure levels before inputting them into the software. As a result, the pooled effect of road traffic noise, reported as RR=1.01 (0.96, 1.06), should read RR=1.03 (0.87, 1.22), and the effect of air traffic noise, reported as RR=1.01 (1.00, 1.02), should read RR=1.05 (1.00, 1.10). Even though this error entails minor corrections throughout the text, it does not affect the overall interpretation of the study results. The revised figures show that the pooled risk estimates for stroke were very similar to those previously reported by Vienneau et al. (see ref. 3 in the article) for ischaemic heart disease. We regret any inconvenience we may have caused to the readers and the publisher.
Angel Dzhambov and Donka Dimitrova

Editor's note on the corrigendum:
Considering that there were many minor corrections made throughout the article, we have decided to replace the entire online article with the corrected/updated version, which is available at our online publisher's website ( and our Croatian repository website ( We apologise to our printed version readers for being unable to provide the corrected version in print. Instead, we suggest that you visit the above links and retrieve the updated article.

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