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Jozo Jelčić
Maja Baretić
Mirko Koršić

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APA 6th Edition
Jelčić, J., Baretić, M. i Koršić, M. (2010). 4. SMJERNICE O DIJAGNOSTICI I LIJEČENJU DEBLJINE. Liječnički vjesnik, 132 (9-10), 269-271. Preuzeto s
MLA 8th Edition
Jelčić, Jozo, et al. "4. SMJERNICE O DIJAGNOSTICI I LIJEČENJU DEBLJINE." Liječnički vjesnik, vol. 132, br. 9-10, 2010, str. 269-271. Citirano 25.11.2020.
Chicago 17th Edition
Jelčić, Jozo, Maja Baretić i Mirko Koršić. "4. SMJERNICE O DIJAGNOSTICI I LIJEČENJU DEBLJINE." Liječnički vjesnik 132, br. 9-10 (2010): 269-271.
Jelčić, J., Baretić, M., i Koršić, M. (2010). '4. SMJERNICE O DIJAGNOSTICI I LIJEČENJU DEBLJINE', Liječnički vjesnik, 132(9-10), str. 269-271. Preuzeto s: (Datum pristupa: 25.11.2020.)
Jelčić J, Baretić M, Koršić M. 4. SMJERNICE O DIJAGNOSTICI I LIJEČENJU DEBLJINE. Liječnički vjesnik [Internet]. 2010 [pristupljeno 25.11.2020.];132(9-10):269-271. Dostupno na:
J. Jelčić, M. Baretić i M. Koršić, "4. SMJERNICE O DIJAGNOSTICI I LIJEČENJU DEBLJINE", Liječnički vjesnik, vol.132, br. 9-10, str. 269-271, 2010. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 25.11.2020.]

Obesity is one of the leading public health problems in today’s world. The situation is not significantly better in our country. The Republic of Croatia is among the countries with highest prevalence of obesity in the world. All attempts to stop the progression of obesity pandemic have not given satisfactory results up to date. On the other hand, the treatment of obesity is a long-term, exhausting and very complicated process with modest results. From 15th to 18th April 2010 the 4th Croatian Congress on Obesity with international participation was held in Umag with the aim of furthering knowledge about epidemiology, etiopathogenesis, complications and obesity treatment and to provide doctors who treat obesity with opportunity to share insights and experience. The Congress was attended by 200 doctors. At the Congress the Guidelines on Obesity Diagnostics and Treatment were adopted, which will provide practical help to doctors treating patients with obesity.

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Obesity – diagnosis, therapy; Practice guidelines as topic; Croatia

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