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A Priest as a Penitent

Anton Tamarut ; Catholic Faculty of Theology, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

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The article discusses a priest as a penitent in the context of a broader understanding of penance. Penance cannot be reduced only to the sacrament of penance. It includes many other works of piety and everyday crosses which, on the one hand, we use to fight the everyday so-called venial sins and guard against serious sins, and on the other hand, these crosses conform us and bring us closer to Christ. Besides being aware of God's gift of grace and the mission, a priest is also constantly aware of personal weakness and sinfulness. His weakness and sinfulness, his need for God's mercy and forgiveness, make him related to other people, which he should treat as brothers. A priest’s penitential life is inseparable from his calling and is part of his priestly identity. In fact, such a life has its evangelistic purpose and mission in the secular environment. A priest needs penance whether because of its pro-existent pastoral dimension in favor of the souls entrusted to him, or because of personal weaknesses and sins that are related to his specific priestly ministry. A priest testifies to the gospel of Jesus in a special way when he ranks himself among the penitents with an honest heart, when, approaching the sacrament of reconciliation, before the community of the faithful he manifests his remorse, his personal need for the Father's forgiveness and mercy. Reconciled to God in the sacrament of reconciliation, he becomes a trustworthy, joyful and courageous minister of reconciliation among his brothers (cf. 2 Cor 5: 18-21).

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priest; penance; penitent; sin; temptation; call; mission

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