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Magistra Iadertina, Vol.11. No.1. Ožujak 2017.

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Vilma Kotlar ; Sveučilište u Zadru
Ivica Milanja ; Studentsko savjetovalište, Sveučilište u Zadru
Krešimir Jakšić ; Sveučilište u Zadru
Marija Bionda ; Sveučilište u Zadru

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Kotlar, V., Milanja, I., Jakšić, K., Bionda, M. (2016). STAVOVI O VOLONTIRANJU I VREDNOVANJU VOLONTERSKOG RADA STUDENATA SVEUČILIŠTA U ZADRU. Magistra Iadertina, 11.(1.), 105-130. Preuzeto s

In research on volunteering and assessment of students' volunteer work conducted at the University of Zadar participated 340 students of almost all undergraduate and graduate studies and 136 academics from different fields of science and different academic ranks.
Results are showing that in the period from beginning of studying, 53% of examined students have volunteered. They have different volunteering experiences, not only at University and in community, but also abroad. Connections between volunteering activities and the field of studying are equally important and unimportant, but what dominates is the desire for including in short-term and humanitarian activities, followed by activities that involve working with children and activities organized by the students themselves. One third of respondents plan to participate in activities that are organized by the professors on University, but also in activities in community and abroad. Interest also exists for cultural and artistic facilities, sport activities, activities involving protection of environment, volunteering in field of social care, and with elderly and infirm. Despite the expressed interest, the research shows that it is necessary to improve informing students about volunteering itself and youth volunteering trainings, especially in a group of students who do not do volunteering.
Comparison of academics' and students' attitudes showed that both assemblies recognize personal and social importance of volunteering, both for academic as well as for the wider community. Professors are interested in informing and professional training about the theme of students' volunteering and service learning as a teaching method. Students expressed the desire for development of service learning on University in a way that there exist courses on each study program that would use the teaching method, and also to organize volunteering as an elective course. Part of the professors expresses their willingness to include such activities in classes, but also want to have professional, administrative or logistical assistance. Professors and students agreed with averment that it is necessary to reward (and thus encourage) volunteering. Both groups give priority to written receipts and acknowledgement over other forms of remuneration

Ključne riječi
students' volunteering; attitudes about volunteering; service learning; assessment of students' volunteer work; higher education

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