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Analysis of Cruise Tourism on Croatian Rivers

Mirjana Kovačić   ORCID icon ; Faculty of Maritime Studies Rijeka, University of Rijeka
Astrid Zekić ; Faculty of Maritime Studies Rijeka
Anto Violić ; Faculty of Maritime Studies Rijeka

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Kovačić, M., Zekić, A. & Violić, A. (2017). Analysis of Cruise Tourism on Croatian Rivers. NAŠE MORE, 64 (1 Supplement), 27-32.
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Kovačić, Mirjana, Astrid Zekić and Anto Violić. "Analysis of Cruise Tourism on Croatian Rivers." NAŠE MORE 64, no. 1 Supplement (2017): 27-32.
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Kovačić M, Zekić A, Violić A. Analysis of Cruise Tourism on Croatian Rivers. NAŠE MORE [Internet]. 2017 [cited 2020 March 29];64(1 Supplement):27-32.
M. Kovačić, A. Zekić and A. Violić, "Analysis of Cruise Tourism on Croatian Rivers", NAŠE MORE, vol.64, no. 1 Supplement, pp. 27-32, 2017. [Online].

Cruise trips have been rising in popularity since the 1970sand are currently a trend in the tourism market. This is particularly true of river cruises, which record a constant growth in the number of ship calls. The general upward trend in the number of river cruise passengers and dockings is also present in Croatia. Prerequisites for the development of cruising on Croatian rivers include, in addition to other geographical features, also the length of navigable water ways, but a systematic approach to this issue is needed for further development.
The authors investigate the level of development of infrastructure on Croatian rivers and analyse the passenger and ship traffic on them. Special attention is given to the importance of cruises for tourism on European rivers and worldwide.
In accordance with the Croatian Tourism Development Strategy until 2020, the authors explore geographical and other conditions necessary for the development of river cruise tourism. The aim of the paper is to point to the importance of building infrastructure for accommodation of vessels sailing on Croatian rivers, and in particular to the need to improve tourism offer in river destinations.

cruising; rivers; port infrastructure; offer; Croatia

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