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Vuk-Pavlović's Attitudes towards Locke's Teaching

Demian Papo   ORCID icon ; Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, J. J. Strossmayer University in Osijek, Osijek, Croatia

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Pavao Vuk-Pavlović’s opus includes his attitudes towards the teaching of the British philosopher John Locke, especially towards his theory of knowledge, philosophy of education and political philosophy. Vuk-Pavlović expressed those attitudes in his monograph Knowledge and Theory of Knowledge, then in his writings Possibility and Limitations of Aesthetical Cultivation in Regard to Individual and Social Pedagogy, and in his article “J. J. Rousseau’s Line of Thought (On the 180th Anniversary of His Death)”. The contents of Vuk-Pavlović’s attitudes show that he was familiar with Locke’s claims published in his work An Essay Concerning Human Understanding, in his work Some Thoughts Concerning Education, and in his work Two Treatises of Government.
The most numerous Vuk-Pavlović’s accounts on Locke are, undoubtedly, those concerning theory of knowledge. Vuk-Pavlović expressed his discordance wit Locke’s interpretations of substance, causality and law, as well as with Locke’s lack of differentiation between primary and secondary qualities, and between sensation and reflection. But, Vuk Pavlović upbore Locke’s philosophy of education. However, when he wrote on Locke’s political philosophy, Vuk-Pavlović was again very critical: he considered Locke’s constitutionalism worthless.

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Pavao Vuk-Pavlović; John Locke; theory of knowledge; philosophy of education; political philosophy

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