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Medical waste disposal in dental surgeries

Ivanka Firić ; Stomatološka poliklinika Zagreb, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Maja Keleminec ; Stomatološka poliklinika Zagreb, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Maja Firić ; Zagreb, Hrvatska

Puni tekst: hrvatski, pdf (163 KB) str. 19-26 preuzimanja: 1.569* citiraj
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I. Firić, M. Keleminec i M. Firić, "Zbrinjavanje otpada u ordinacijama dentalne medicine", Sigurnost, vol.59, br. 1, str. 19-26, 2017. [Online].

Medical waste is the by-product resulting from care provision, protection and health maintenance, in particular in treatments and procedures involving contact with blood and other bodily fluids. Medical waste may be divided into dangerous and non-dangerous waste. Waste management includes controls from the place of origin to the site of final disposal. The chief priority is to reduce the volume of waste, but this is not always feasible.
Waste needs to be sorted, adequately pre-processed, transported and finally processed and disposed of in an acceptable manner. The final processing method must aim to reduce risks to human health and the environment as much as possible. As a signatory of international conventions, Croatia must implement the relevant legislation on dangerous medical waste disposal. Waste disposal in dental surgeries follows the legislation. How this functions in practice is illustrated on the example of waste disposal at Zagreb Dental Clinic, showing the place of origin, proper method of storage, and transport.

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medical waste; dental medicine

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