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Sigurnost : časopis za sigurnost u radnoj i životnoj okolini, Vol.59 No.1 Travanj 2017.

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Nenad Papić   ORCID icon ; Centar za forenzična ispitivanja, istraživanja i vještačenja „Ivan Vučetić“, MUP RH, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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Papić, N. (2017). POŽAR U TRGOVAČKOM CENTRU. Sigurnost : časopis za sigurnost u radnoj i životnoj okolini, 59(1), 41-47. Preuzeto s

SUMMARY: The paper presents a real case of fire in a large shopping centre. Described is the manner of work of experts and the investigation team. Methods are listed for determining the place of fire origin and cause of fire, indicating the found defects which may have caused the fire.
The building in question was equipped with fire protection systems, but their activation did not prove effective. The fire took place at night, after working hours, thus there was no need to evacuate shoppers and employees. In the fire the building suffered total damage, including damage to furniture, installations and merchandise.
Through the conducted investigation of the fire location including an examination of the protection systems, and on the basis of other gathered information, it was found that the direct cause of fire was a defect on a light fixture installed in a metal rack with wooden shelves for storing textile goods.

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Key words: fire, shopping centre, experts, fire scene investigation, cause of fire

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