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Original scientific paper

Foundation and development of Croatian natural science milieu

Snježana Paušek-Baždar

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APA 6th Edition
Paušek-Baždar, S. (2007). Utemeljenje i razvitak hrvatske prirodoznanstvene sredine. Povijesni prilozi, 26 (32), 223-239. Retrieved from
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Paušek-Baždar, Snježana. "Utemeljenje i razvitak hrvatske prirodoznanstvene sredine." Povijesni prilozi, vol. 26, no. 32, 2007, pp. 223-239. Accessed 21 Jun. 2021.
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Paušek-Baždar, Snježana. "Utemeljenje i razvitak hrvatske prirodoznanstvene sredine." Povijesni prilozi 26, no. 32 (2007): 223-239.
Paušek-Baždar, S. (2007). 'Utemeljenje i razvitak hrvatske prirodoznanstvene sredine', Povijesni prilozi, 26(32), pp. 223-239. Available at: (Accessed 21 June 2021)
Paušek-Baždar S. Utemeljenje i razvitak hrvatske prirodoznanstvene sredine. Povijesni prilozi [Internet]. 2007 [cited 2021 June 21];26(32):223-239. Available from:
S. Paušek-Baždar, "Utemeljenje i razvitak hrvatske prirodoznanstvene sredine", Povijesni prilozi, vol.26, no. 32, pp. 223-239, 2007. [Online]. Available: [Accessed: 21 June 2021]

In this article author firstly tried to evaluate notion of the scientific contribution of Croatian scientists in the foreign scientific centers during the past. By the same token, author tried to establish notion of the Croatian scientific milieu during the second half of the nineteenth century. Furthermore, author tried to describe all the efforts
regarding promotion of natural science during the mid and the second half of the nineteen century. These efforts could be traced through work and activities of: Hrvatsko gospodarsko društvo – Croatian economy association (1841), natural science gymnasium (from 1850), Kraljevsko gospodarsko i šumarsko učilšte – Royal economy and forestry academy (1860), Akademija znanosti i umjetnosti – Academy
of science and arts (1866), Mudroslovni fakultet s prirodoslovnim odjelima – Faculty of philosophy with departments for natural science (1876), Hrvatsko prirodoslovno društvo – Croatian natural science association (1885). The latter later divided into several independent societies and faculties carrying on natural science education (from 1917). It is important to emphasize that institute “Ruđer Bošković” (1950) is also one of the successors of this process. The author points out all the difficulties that followed the establishment of Croatian science milieu. Namely, some of the difficulties were the absence of textbooks and literature in natural science, as well as, troubles with creation of scientific language within the Croatian standard language.
It is demonstrated that Croatian science was able to measure with world standards only after the foundation of the University and particularly after initiation of institute “Ruđer Bošković”. At that time several important discoveries occurred in Croatia. In the end it is concluded that the environment that cannot produce knowledge,
which was case of Croatia in the mid nineteenth century, also cannot handle erudition from the scientifically advanced centers.

natural sciences; 19th century; Croatia; scientific institutions

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