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Bogoslovska smotra, Vol.87 No.1 Svibanj 2017.

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Influence of Buber’s Philosophy of Dialogue on Thinking and Determination of Therapist-client Relation in Gestalt Therapy

Tanja RADIONOV   ORCID icon ; Counseling office St. Joseph, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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RADIONOV, T. (2017). Utjecaj Buberove filozofije dijaloga na promišljanje i određenje terapijskog odnosa terapeuta i klijenta u gestalt terapiji. Bogoslovska smotra, 87(1), 117-133. Preuzeto s

The basic aim of the study is to deepen and analyse the impact of Martin Buber’s philosophy of dialogue and his notion of I-Thou relation on the development and observation of therapist-client relation in Gestalt therapy and development of relational aspect of Gestalt therapy. The paper presents the basic principles of Buber’s philosophy of dialogue of human existence and value of dialogical interpersonal relationships. The I-It relation is subject-object relation. The human being is a being in relation; it becomes »I« only in relation to »Thou«, in the I-Thou relation. The encounter of two human beings or two persons is in the world »between« through dialogical qualities such as presence, inclusion, confirmation, reciprocity and dialogue. Relationship is the deep need of human being in which he/she reveals who he/she is. The encounter and the I-Thou relation has an ontological and transcendental meaning in which »I« touches the edge of eternal »Thou«, God, and finds the meaning of life. Gestalt therapy has as its core a firm philosophical framework, while Martin Buber’s dialogical existentialism had a significant impact on the development of its relational aspect. The therapist-client relation is observed as I-Thou dialogical relation, which is the foundation of effective and healing therapy. The I-Thou relation includes dialogical qualities in which »I«, »self« encounters the other, »Thou«, »non-self« and through the awareness and contact achieves the possibility of change and growth.

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Martin Buber; philosophy of dialogue; I-Thou relation; I-It relation; Gestalt therapy; therapist-client relation.

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