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Dynamism of dialogue in the dynamic development of Personality

Siniša Balajić

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Balajić, S. (2017). Dinamizmi dijaloga u dinamici razvoja osobnosti. Služba Božja, 57 (2), 135-162. Preuzeto s
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Balajić S. Dinamizmi dijaloga u dinamici razvoja osobnosti. Služba Božja [Internet]. 2017 [pristupljeno 29.11.2020.];57(2):135-162. Dostupno na:
S. Balajić, "Dinamizmi dijaloga u dinamici razvoja osobnosti", Služba Božja, vol.57, br. 2, str. 135-162, 2017. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 29.11.2020.]

Dialogue, like many aspects of life, is not presented as unilateral.
In fact, it is composed of different dimensions and dynamisms.
Among the multitude of dynamisms, it is noted that there
are some that are considered constitutive of a good dynamic dialogue:
relationships, listening with full attention and discourse.
Talking about relationships, we consider the relationship between
two or more different realities, such as relationships among
people, affective relationships, etc. Starting from the dynamics
of listening and listening, we discover that they are not initially
focused on sound. At the beginning of life, no conscious perception
of sound is born. At the beginning of the listening session,
there is an awareness. Listening is the fundamental element
of listening. Hence, listening first directs out of the horizons of
sound and calls to look, perceives reality through a face that is
an exponent of attitudes, feelings, experiences. These experiences
can be pronounced in the dynamics of speech. Speech is a
dynamism that shapes the world of emotions, experiences, thoughts,
ideas. Talking through words transports what is not just
a letter or a sound. Namely, the word represents not the self but
the world of the spirit, the emotion, etc. It is directed at the expression
and formulation of that world. Assuming that these dynamisms
truly become the basis of a good dynamic dialogue, this
short article proposes to delineate them by trying to bring out the
elements of their impact on personality development. We believe
that these dynamisms can explicitly indicate the importance of a
good dynamic dialogue and its relationship with the development
of the person, who, if open to dynamic dialogue, becomes even
more open to innovation and growth.

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dialogue; dynamisms; relationship; listening; hearing; view; speech; personality; development

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