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Human Dignity and Its Foundation

Rolf Bauerdick

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The article deals with the issues related to the concept of the
dignity of human person, asking a question as to who decides who
this dignity belongs to. In everyday language, the word dignity is
used for different meanings, so that it loses its original meaning. Is
it possible that photographers, fashion designers, directors, journalists
or politicians are able, by their actions, to deprive or give,
to deny or recognize human dignity? According to Christian beliefs,
the foundation of human dignity is man’s likeness to God. But the
desacralization of human life and annulment of the sacred resulted
in negative consequences for proper understanding of human
dignity. According to postmodern thought, God did not create man
and woman in his own image and did not give them inalienable
dignity. Man alone is the measure of all things and can dispose
of his dignity as he pleases. That is why the meaning of human
dignity needs to be redefined and advocated, because that value,
for a worthy human life, is unquestionable and inalienable.

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human dignity; foundation; likeness to God; desacralization; recognition; underestimate

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