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Zbornik radova Veleučilišta u Šibeniku, No.3-4/2017 Srpanj 2017.

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Mirko Škarica ; Prekršajni sud u Šibeniku, Šibenik, Hrvatska

Puni tekst: hrvatski, pdf (87 KB) str. 95-110 preuzimanja: 428* citiraj
Škarica, M. (2017). DOSTAVA U PREKRŠAJNOM POSTUPKU. Zbornik radova Veleučilišta u Šibeniku, (3-4/2017), 95-110. Preuzeto s

Delivery oft he paper documents signifi cantly infl uences proper and effective conducting of infringement misdemeanor procedure. During a proceeding the court and parties in infringement process “talk” in both oral and written way. In order to have quality and efficient communication of the court and indirect delivery, procedure and manner of delivery in personal and indirect delivery and their
difference, delivery to a physical and legal person, delivery of all types of writing given their importance and weight, delivery to plaintiffs as well as delivery in special cases. Furthermore, the paper has analysed and used the court practice of the High Infringement Court of the Republic of Croatia for proper and lawful treatment on occasion of delivery.

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delivery; law; party; court; law.

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