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The Bishop of Hvar Juraj Duboković

Joško Bracanović   ORCID icon ; Muzej hvarske baštine, Hvar, Hrvatska

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Juraj Duboković, born 17th March 1800 in Pitve on the island of Hvar, was educated by two priests Mate Duboković and Jakov Pavičić, and continued his studies in Hvar in rhetoric and philosophy, taught by the canons dr. Nikola Zudenigo and dr. Josip Vranković. He studied theology in Padua, obtaining his Ph.D. in 1828. Returning to Hvar bishopric he was parish cooperator for a while in Pitve, and in 1829 was appointed parish priest of Vis. 1842 he moves to Hvar, being appointed canon-theologist, in 1844 he became the archpriest, in 1847 Chapter provost, and in 1850 general vicar. The Emperor Franz Joseph I appointed him the bishop of Hvar on the 12th of March 1866, and this decision was confirmed by Pope Pio IX on the 26th of June the same year. He was ordained bishop in Zadar the 12th of August 1866 by the archbishop Petar Dujam Maupas. Duboković was installed on the 9th of September 1866. He was the first native of Hvar at that position after 222 year-period. As a bishop, he took part in the 1st Vatican Council. Bishop Duboković had an important role in founding of the Hygienic Society in Hvar and was its first president, thus starting tourism development in the town. As a priest, and consequently as a bishop, he was eminent in both reconstruction and building of sacral edifices, very often at his own expense, having been member of a wealthy family. He was giving away substantial money for the poor, especially during the grand drought that hit Hvar bishopric in 1873. Duboković was strongly opposing the suppressing of Hvar bishopric, the idea the Vienna Court had in mind. Alas, he had not lived to witness the positive solution of the problem, because he died the 21st of March 1874. He was buried under St. Prosper chapel in Hvar Cathedral, and according to his express wish, his heart was separately buried in his family chapel of St. Margaret in Zavala. The oppressing of Hvar bishopric was abandoned by Franz Joseph I after he visited Dalmatia in 1875. Duboković is author of books „Theses ex theologicis disciplinis “ (Padua 1828.) and „Christian doctrine for Hvar bishopric” (Vienna 1849.) - a catechism in Croatian and Italian language. There remained after him in manuscript a work on statistics, economy, trade and moral state of affairs in Dalmatia. As a bishop he edited three pastoral letters.

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