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Ethnologica Dalmatica, Vol.24. No.1. Kolovoz 2017.

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Christmas Eve In The Cultural Heritage Of Posušje Area

Josipa Kelava   ORCID icon ; Poslijediplomski doktorski studij Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Splitu

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Kelava, J. (2017). Badnjica u kulturnoj baštini posuškoga kraja . Ethnologica Dalmatica, 24.(1.), 5-21. Preuzeto s

The paper presents and interprets contemporary field notes on customs, ceremonies and processions related to Christmas Eve, recorded in 2011 and in April 2016 in the area of Posušje. The interpretation is complemented by the use of literary-theoretical sources.
Christmas Eve is the day before Christmas Day when Christians get spiritually and materially prepared for the birth of Jesus Christ. The morning and the day of Christmas Eve is characterized by: the preparation of the Yule log, fasting, cleaning and decorating house interior and exterior, making cakes, preparing candles for Christmas, decorating the Christmas tree (pine or fir-tree) and creating nativity scene. The evening of Christmas Eve is characterized by: bringing the Yule log into the house, sprinkling with holy water, praying together, having fasting dinner, singing Christmas carols, holding vigil and going to the Midnight Mass. A great number of customs, rituals and processions related to Christmas Eve in the area of Posušje have disappeared or changed, therefore it is necessary to record them so that they would not be irretrievably lost.

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Christmas Eve; folk customs; fasting; prayer; Yule log

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