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Ethnologica Dalmatica, Vol.24. No.1. Kolovoz 2017.

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Demonic Beings In Zagora

Ante Jureta   ORCID icon ; Brnaze 731, 21230 Sinj

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Jureta, A. (2017). Demonska bića u Zagori . Ethnologica Dalmatica, 24.(1.), 43-57. Preuzeto s

This paper presents a part of the cultural heritage of the Dalmatian hinterland - Zagora. This part refers to the fantasy and supernatural world of the Dalmatian hinterland, which has over the centuries been embedded in the daily lives of its citizens, regardless of their social status. That world still exists in the stories, customs and rituals, although modern globalized world with the modern lifestyle, technology and science tends to marginalize and present it as some kind of echo from the past or even as a cultural-anthropological curiosity that was a burden directing lives of the people in Zagora in the past. Because of such perception of cultural heritage and tendencies to create a uniform culture of the global world, it is necessary to draw attention to one’s own cultural heritage, as the basis of one’s national identity. In the preservation of identity a key role is played by the national heritage as a reminder of ourselves. The purpose of this paper is to present a small part of the rich cultural heritage of the Dalmatian hinterland when it comes to the fantasy and supernatural world, which had a great importance in everyday life. The paper exclusively deals with the fantasy and supernatural world of Zagora. The presented data were gathered in previous field researches by various researches.

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Zagora (Dalmatian hinterland); mare; witch; elves; werewolves

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