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Ethnologica Dalmatica, Vol.24. No.1. Kolovoz 2017.

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Viticulture Collection Of Pitve: Situation And Guidelines For Future Permanent Exhibition

Marija Plenković ; Muzej općine Jelsa, Jelsa 477, 21465 Jelsa

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Plenković, M. (2017). Vinogradarska zbirka Pitve: stanje i smjernice za budući stalni postav . Ethnologica Dalmatica, 24.(1.), 137-152. Preuzeto s

This paper deals with the state of the Viticulture Collection of the Jelsa Municipal Museum and brings the guidelines for the design of a new permanent exhibition. The topic was dealt with in the context of the collection formation and institutional care and in accordance with current plans for its future public presentation in a separate venue, in the village of Pitve, not far from Jelsa. Therefore, an overview of the collection formation process as well as descriptions of its current status and inventory process were given, along with some remarks on the specific aspects of work in the Jelsa Municipal Museum. Based on the information gathered, a general framework for the design of a future permanent display has been made, keeping in mind capabilities and potentials of the local community.

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Viticulture Collection; Jelsa Municipal Museum; inventory; new permanent exhibition

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