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Ethnologica Dalmatica, Vol.24. No.1. Kolovoz 2017.

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The Founding And Beginnings Of The Split Ethnographic Museum Photo Archive

Iva Meštrović   ORCID icon ; Etnografski muzej Split, Iza Vestibula 4, 21000 Split

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Meštrović, I. (2017). Osnivanje i počeci djelovanja fototeke Etnografskog muzeja Split. Ethnologica Dalmatica, 24.(1.), 153-165. Preuzeto s

The founding and beginnings of the Split Ethnographic Museum photo archive are presented by the way of observing the role of photography in the museum practice, the traces of its first entry into the Museum and the beginnings of collecting photos as well as the methods of their early processing and storage. Prominent professional photographers from Split, the authors of the majority of collected photos, have been mentioned in the text. The most prominent among them is Dragutin Karlo Stühler, whose photographs are distinguished by their number, quality and the choice of ethnographic motifs. Major part of the photo collection from the observed period has been converted into a digital form through the Project of Digitizing Photographs and Negatives of the Split Ethnographic Museum, which beside the protection of the original, resulted in opening up new possibilities of improving its availability and creating a new offer by using information and communication technology.

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Illustrative department; photographs; history; digitizing; museum documentation; Ethnographic Museum of Split

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