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Duje Rendić-Miočević (Split, 29 June 1916 – Zagreb, 30 April 1993)

Marina Šegvić

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APA 6th Edition
Šegvić, M. (2017). Duje Rendić-Miočević (Split, 29. 6. 1916. – Zagreb, 30. 4. 1993.). Tusculum, 10 (2), 11-15. Preuzeto s
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Šegvić, Marina. "Duje Rendić-Miočević (Split, 29. 6. 1916. – Zagreb, 30. 4. 1993.)." Tusculum 10, br. 2 (2017): 11-15.
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Šegvić M. Duje Rendić-Miočević (Split, 29. 6. 1916. – Zagreb, 30. 4. 1993.). Tusculum [Internet]. 2017 [pristupljeno 18.05.2021.];10(2):11-15. Dostupno na:
M. Šegvić, "Duje Rendić-Miočević (Split, 29. 6. 1916. – Zagreb, 30. 4. 1993.)", Tusculum, vol.10, br. 2, str. 11-15, 2017. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 18.05.2021.]

In the paper, the author is summarising the life and work of the Academy Member, Duje Rendić-Miočević, a scientist, museologist, university professor. His life and active times started in Split, where he received his education and headed the Archaeological Museum. He continued his active life in Zagreb as a university professor and the director of the Archaeological Museum. He was a regular member
of the Croatian Academy and Sciences and Arts. The scientific and professional contribution of Duje Rendić-Miočević is great. In opening and solving the issues of the Croatian archaeology in an interdisciplinary approach, he reached the very summit of the European and world science.
The scientific fields he dealt with are those of our provincial Classic period. His works deal with Classic and proto-Classic archaeology: Greek colonisation of the eastern Adriatic area, the Illyrians and their relationships with the Greeks and the Romans – only with the researches of Duje Rendić-Miočević appeared the term »Illyriology« – the hellenisation and romanisation processes, etc. He was among
the first here to perform comprehensive onomastic researches of the Illyrian area. As an archaeologist, phylologist and epigraphist, he approached the Illyric issues in an interdisciplinary manner, based on the sources, especially archaeological, epigraphic and numismatic materials, aiming to clarification of the Illyrian autochthonous culture, historic, social and political conditions, and especially the resistance to all forms of romanisation in the field of spiritual culture.
During the many years of his researches, especially of the Illyrian (Greek-Illyrian) coins as a historic source of utmost importance, he produced numerous scientific contributions achieving the results that contributed to, and party thoroughly changed, the old traditional scientific views of these issues. The particular field of his scientific interest was the »romanisation« of the Adriatic area, first of all in the province of Dalmatia, our coast and hinterlands, interpreted
through development of urbanism and civil engineering, archaeological
topography, through forms of municipality, and particularly through the spiritual culture and artistic creativity of the local, provincial, population.
The early Christian époque in Illyricum (Dalmatia), and especially in its metropolis, Salona, with numerous important monuments, is another topic that Duje Rendić-Miočević paid his, well deserved, scientific attention. He presented new interpretations of sacral building typology – basilicas, oratories, baptising complexes, etc.
In the large number of scientific works he dealt with the issues of Greek and Roman (Latin) epigraphy and numismatics, where he was seeking for and discovering authentic sources for the earliest history of our lands and often, by interpreting the humble finds, he was reaching sources of utmost importance for better understanding of the previously little or not at all known persons of the Illyrian history.From the rich bibliography of Duje Rendić-Miočević, here will be selected two titles: his lifetime work, the book Iliri i antički svijet (published by Splitski književni
krug, 1989) where, through the collected works, with the aptitude of an archaeologist, classic phylologist and Old Age historian, he set standards of excellence so high that they are hard to be exceeded.
The second book is Carmina epigraphica (published by Splitski književni krug, 1987), an intimistic anthological collection of poetic translations of Greek and Roman inscriptions in stone testifying the power of the word, in our lands turned into verses at the very beginning of literacy... These translations make a true literature, poetry, however even in such verses the scientist Duje Rendić-Miočević finds genuine information.

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Duje Rendić-Miočević; archaeologist; scientist; epigraphy; numismatics; Illyriology; early Christian provincial archaeology; Salona

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