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In medias res : časopis filozofije medija, Vol.6 No.11 Rujan 2017.

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Mythomania in Media Reporting in Montenegro

Miomir Maroš ; University Adratik Bar, Montenegro

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Maroš, M. (2017). Mitomanija u izvještavanju medija u Crnoj Gori. In medias res : časopis filozofije medija, 6(11), 1695-1702. Preuzeto s

Polarized reporting of the most dominant media in Mne is a result of a historic necesity to portray rulers as great leaders, or to say his opponents as well, but also it is a result of a bipolarity based on the division between those who are pro western Montenegrins, and those who are traditionaly pro east oriented Serbs.
After Mne regained independence a society previously devided on sovereignists and unionists was now devided on those pro and against the regime the later being its main critiques. This is exactly the case with our media division TV stations, newspapers and on-line portals.
It is a question worth deeper research of wether this media can be expected to serve the public and wether they could properly reflect and preserve the country’s cultural and historical identity, the TVCG - with its legal obligation to do so-in the first place.
On several examples of the print media discourse and journalist ‘attitude’ , we shell elaborate reporting which is generated by an ideological base.

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the media; polarization; discours; journalist ‘attitude’; mythical reporting

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