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Medica Jadertina, Vol.47 No.3-4 Listopad 2017.

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Emotional intelligence and smoking. Are smokers more intelligent than non-smokers?

Dijana Ivanišević   ORCID icon ; Univerzitet u Mostaru, Nastavnički fakultet, Odsjek za psihologiju

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Ivanišević, D. (2017). Emocionalna inteligencija i pušenje: jesu li pušači emocionalno inteligentniji od nepušača?. Medica Jadertina, 47(3-4), 131-140. Preuzeto s

The aim of this study was to determine whether there is a significant correlaton between emotional intelligence, emotional regulation and control and smoking.
The sample included 196 participants (101 nonsmokers and 95 smokers), which were students of third and fourth year of the Faculty of Education at the University of Mostar. UEK-15 questionnaire (Taksic, 2002) was used to measure emotional intelligence, UERK questionnaire (Taksic, 2003) was used to measure emotional regulation and control. Furthermore, structured questions were used to assess socio-demographic variables of the examinees.
The results showed a significant difference in smoking between male and female students.
Furthermore, we found a significant correlation between emotional intelligence and smoking and significant correlation between emotional regulation and control and smoking.
The given results showed that training of emotional intelligence and emotional regulation and control could be very useful aspects of smoking prevention programs. Thus, we believe that the number of potential smokers after the implementation of this programs could be significantly lower.

Ključne riječi
emotional intelligence; emotional regulation and control; smokers; nonsmokers

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