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Apocryphal List of Nobility Kindreds in the Bosnian Kingdom

Stjepan Ćosić ; Filozofski fakultet, Split, Hrvatska

Puni tekst: hrvatski, pdf (129 KB) str. 167-178 preuzimanja: 937* citiraj
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For more than two centuries, there have been very similar
versions of the lists of noblemen of Bosnia and Hum from
the pre-Ottoman period in historiography and publishing.
One version was published in two well-known collections
of sources for the history of BiH, which gave scientific credentials
to the list. However, the data on the origin of the
list do not confirm their authenticity. The list is one of the
apocryphal documents that emerged within the so called
Illyrian heraldry. It is a complex ideological phenomenon
developed in the course of the anti-Ottoman politics of the
17th and 18th century with the aim of legitimizing the feudal
interests of certain kinship circles, as well as the "return" of
their privileges and possessions, primarily on the territory
of BiH. Some families of the Makarska coast called upon
this tradition, and in the Franciscan monastery of Makarska
there is the oldest transcript of the list, which, according
to some sources, was brought by Fr. Marijan Lekusic from
Fojnica in 1724. The list consists of a somewhat modified
and expanded sequence of kind reds from the Fojnica Armorial,
which was compiled after 1675. A significant number
of kindreds in the list have been added to their place
of origin based on the knowledge about their homeland at
the beginning of the 18th century. After the Makarska version
of the list published by Fr. Andrija Kacic Miosic and Fr.
Luka Vladmirovic, a very similar list was presented by Fr.
Josip Jakosic who brought it from Bosnia to the Franciscan
monastery in Buda. In 1789 Martin Juraj Kovacic printed
this list as an addition to the book by Gabrijel Kolinovic.
According to the Buda version, Grgur Cevapovic and Euzebije
Fermendzin later published the list in their collections
of sources. The widespread and uncritical acceptance of
apocryphal data from the list and other sources of Illyrian
heraldry caused numerous errors and misunderstandings
in genealogy and heraldic research.

Ključne riječi
the list of the Bosnia and Hum nobility; Marijan Lekusic; Andrija Kacic Miosic; Luka Vladmirovic; Makarska; Fojnica; Buda; Illyrian heraldry; the Fojnica Armorial; Korjenic-Neoric armorial; Gabrijel Kolinovic Senkvicki; Josip Jakosic; Martin Juraj Kovacic; Grgur Cevapovic; Euzebije Fermendzin

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