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Medicina Fluminensis : Medicina Fluminensis, Vol.53 No.4 Prosinac 2017.

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Evidence based medicine: gynecologist and obstetricians view

Tea Štimac   ORCID icon ; Klinika za ginekologiju i porodništvo, Klinički bolnički centar Rijeka, Rijeka, Hrvatska

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Štimac, T. (2017). Medicina temeljena na dokazima: pogled ginekologa i opstetričara. Medicina Fluminensis : Medicina Fluminensis, 53(4). doi:10.21860/medflum2017_187377

The evidence-based concept has become recognizable in the past twenty years among many specialists, including gynecologists and obstetricians. Evidence-based medicine is worldwide, ensuring safety, equality and efficiency in providing health care. The aim of evidence-based medicine is improving the quality of health care by combining the individual clinical experience with the best evidence. Evidence-based is lifelong learning program and cannot be accepted and practiced over a short period of time, leading to abandonment of out-dated medical diagnostic and therapeutic procedures with the aim of providing better and safer patient outcomes and keeping up with the latest knowledge in clinical practice. Obstetricians and gynecologists must be able to critically evaluate the latest evidence in their field of expertise and apply it in clinical practice to provide the best outcomes to the women under their care.

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evidence based medicine, gynecology, obstetrics, patient safety, quality improvement

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