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DIEM : Dubrovnik International Economic Meeting, Vol.3 No.1 Listopad 2017.

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Ivona Milić Beran   ORCID icon ; University of Dubrovnik Maritime Department, Dubrovnik, Croatia
Martina Briš Alić   ORCID icon ; University of Osijek Faculty of Economics in Osijek, Croatia
Nikica Antunica ; University of Dubrovnik Department of Economics and Business Economics, Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Milić Beran, I., Briš Alić, M., Antunica, N. (2017). SYSTEM DYNAMIC MODEL OF MARKETING IN HOTEL COMPANY. DIEM : Dubrovnik International Economic Meeting, 3(1), 843-854. Preuzeto s

The subject of this paper is qualitative as well as quantitative system dynamics modeling of the marketing department in a hotel company. It is known that there is an increasing number of tourists in Croatia and also that in some regions hotel capacities are insufficient so hotel management has a major challenge to make decisions about increasing hotel capacities. The dynamic model, in this study, is oriented towards building new hotel capacities according to the increased demand. The paper describes a dynamic model of the marketing department of the hotel company that allows simulation of its dynamic behavior. The dynamics of events and the complexity of the process in the hotel company and the marketing department are shown with mathematical model, mental-verbal model and flow charts. The graphic of the system dynamic structural model of marketing department illustrates the important factors influencing the discrepancy between the desired and actual hotel capacity and between supply and demand for hotel capacities. The mathematical model enables practical insight into the dynamic behavior of the observed system, i.e. the analysis of the marketing department of hotel company and observation of mutual correlation between input, output and internal variables of processes occurring in the observed system.

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system dynamic model; hotel company; marketing

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