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Original scientific paper

Urban Studies in the Writings of Anđela Horvat

Ratko Vučetić ; Institut za povijest umjetnosti

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The study of urbanism and architecture of towns of inland Croatia represents a distinct and important part of Anđela Horvat’s writings. Besides numerous encyclopaedic entries, she dedicated a series of thematic papers to the problems of town planning, published in magazines and monographic studies from 1950s to 1980s. In discussing the towns of inland Croatia from Čakovec to Ilok, Anđela Horvat determined the basic guidelines for the study of their spatial organization in the period after the Second World War, thus introducing urban studies to the fi eld of art history. The purpose of the paper is to determine Anđela Horvat’s contribution to the development of urban studies, as well as to analyse the basic methodological starting points and the importance of her theses in contemporary studies of the towns of inland Croatia.

Anđela Horvat; towns of inland Croatia; morphological analysis; Books of Regulations for the preservation of antiquities

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