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Fruit and vegetables as vehiculi of salmonelosis

S. Pavić
M. Smoljanović
D. Ropac
D. Laštre
E. Cetinić
M. Hadžiosmanović
B. Mioković
L. Kozačinski

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APA 6th Edition
Pavić, S., Smoljanović, M., Ropac, D., Laštre, D., Cetinić, E., Hadžiosmanović, M., ... Kozačinski, L. (2005). Povrće i voće kao vehikulumi salmoneloza. Infektološki glasnik, 25 (1), 17-22. Preuzeto s
MLA 8th Edition
Pavić, S., et al. "Povrće i voće kao vehikulumi salmoneloza." Infektološki glasnik, vol. 25, br. 1, 2005, str. 17-22. Citirano 26.10.2021.
Chicago 17th Edition
Pavić, S., M. Smoljanović, D. Ropac, D. Laštre, E. Cetinić, M. Hadžiosmanović, B. Mioković i L. Kozačinski. "Povrće i voće kao vehikulumi salmoneloza." Infektološki glasnik 25, br. 1 (2005): 17-22.
Pavić, S., et al. (2005). 'Povrće i voće kao vehikulumi salmoneloza', Infektološki glasnik, 25(1), str. 17-22. Preuzeto s: (Datum pristupa: 26.10.2021.)
Pavić S, Smoljanović M, Ropac D, Laštre D, Cetinić E, Hadžiosmanović M i sur. Povrće i voće kao vehikulumi salmoneloza. Infektološki glasnik [Internet]. 2005 [pristupljeno 26.10.2021.];25(1):17-22. Dostupno na:
S. Pavić, et al., "Povrće i voće kao vehikulumi salmoneloza", Infektološki glasnik, vol.25, br. 1, str. 17-22, 2005. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 26.10.2021.]

The results of a long term study of salmonelosis caused by contaminated vegetables, seeds, sprouts and fruit have been reported in the paper. The most famous outbreaks in the USA and the Western countries resulted from the contaminated alfalfa sprouts, tomatoes, cantaloupe, lettuce, peanuts, etc., were described. Common opinion that Salmonella can be found only on the surfaces of fruit and vegetables has recently been abandoned due to the discovery of the fact that Salmonella as well as the other pathogenic microorganisms can penetrate stem, leaves and fruites of the plant through both damaged and undamaged roots. Molecular researches have proved that type III protein secretion system (TTSS) is necessary to the pathogenic microorganisms while penetrating the undamaged roots of the plant. During the phase of seed germination, nutrients are released enabling the bacterial biofilm on seeds and sprouts to reach the invasive concentrations of 106–107 CFU/g of sprouts biomass. The main source of pathogenic microorganisms in agriculture is, obviously, contaminated water so the procedure of its conditioning prior to the irrigation together with the desinfection of fruit and vegetables using Na hypochlorite or H2O2 has been strongly suggested.

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Salmonella spp. in vegitables and seeds

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