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Numizmatičke Vijesti, Vol.54 No.65 Studeni 2012.

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Coins of Hrvoje Vukčić Hrvatinić

Amer Sulejmanagić   ORCID icon ; Kantonalni zavod za zaštitu kulturno-historijskog i prirodnog naslijeđa, Sarajevo, BiH

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Sulejmanagić, A. (2012). Coins of Hrvoje Vukčić Hrvatinić. Numizmatičke Vijesti, 54(65), 85-85. Preuzeto s
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Sulejmanagić, A. (2012). Novac Hrvoja Vukčića Hrvatinića. Numizmatičke Vijesti, 54(65), 54-85. Preuzeto s

The author considers the coins that Hrvoje Vukčić Hrvatinić minted on the grounds of his title of Duke (Herceg) of Split. After giving a survey of the history, estates and genealogy of the Hrvatinić family, he gives the periods and times when Hrvoje’s different Split coins were minted, basing his finding on heraldry and primary sources such as the
Missale glagoliticum Hervoiae ducis spalatensis. He establishes the origin of two of Hrvoje’s coats-of-arms, the seniors who granted them to this Split Duke (or under whose symbols they were made), and the time of their use. On these grounds he establishes the time when the different kinds of coins were minted, gives their detailed metrological
and iconographic analysis and a division into denominations, kinds and variants. This classification greatly corresponds with Rengjel’s earlier classification. Taking into account that in May 1410 the Venetian authorities decided to begin minting coins that were the same as Hrvoje’s, and placing this in the context of known historical events
and numismatic material, the author concludes that one variant of the coins previously attributed to Hrvoje, with an unusual text of the legend, may in fact be the product of a Venetian conspiracy. This conspiracy had a clear aim, it called on the people of Split to overthrow Hrvoje and “free themselves from slavery to the pharaoh”.

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