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Medijska istraživanja : znanstveno-stručni časopis za novinarstvo i medije, Vol.13 No.1 Lipanj 2007.

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Mass Media in Leisure Time of Conscripts

Josip Čerina

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In this paper, based on the data on the structure of the leisure time, which imply the pattern of the typical Croatian Army (CA) private (“privates” are the conscripts during their completion of their military service), the relationship of the privates to the mass media are analysed. Research was conducted in the year 2000 and was based on the sample of n=1,259 privates. The frequencies of reading the newspapers (daily news), listening to the radio and watching the TV-program were investigated. There is a low percentage of privates who never read newspapers (7.5%); there is a high percentage of them who never watch television (45.7%), and there is 19.6% of privates who listen to the radio on the daily basis. The common investigation shows that mass media have a very important impact on the leisure within the whole of the young population. So, the inclination of the youth to the mass media is obvious, but it is simply impossible to transfer that inclination to reality within the barracks, owing to the modest means the army disposes with and the particularity of the life and the working conditions in an army unit.

Ključne riječi
mass media; leisure time; socialization; conditions; conscripts

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