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Podravina : časopis za multidisciplinarna istraživanja, Vol.16 No.32 Prosinac 2017.

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Gradec (Gerecz) – medieval feudal manors in Podravina

Ranko Pavleš ; Koprivnica, Croatia

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Pavleš, R. (2017). Gradec (Gerecz) – srednjovjekovno podravsko vlastelinstvo. Podravina : časopis za multidisciplinarna istraživanja, 16(32), 26-35. Preuzeto s

Medieval feudal manor Gradec/ Gerecz in the wider area of the present village of Old Gradec was mentioned under this name from the beginning of the XIV century, but its older history can most probably be connected with the Sudin estate and traced up to the second half of the XIII century. From that time and until the beginning of the XVI century, the estate was owned by »de Gerecz« family. Information about the feudal manor is scarce and sporadic, with the exception of the document dating from 1418 in which thirty-four villages were listed, along with two noble estates, castle with fortification, four churches and many other items on the estate. With the Črešnjevo estate, which was in late Middle ages connected with Gradec in terms of ownership, according to lists of taxes from the beginning of the XVI. century the feudal manor had one hundred and eighty tax units and belonged to larger Slavonian estates. In the Ottoman wars that followed, the estate was completely ruined, and out of the entire medieval toponimia only a couple of names of settlements along the Drava river remained preserved, additionally aggravating its reconstruction. It was most probably located on the wider area of the present village of Stari Gradac north of Virovitica, eastern part of Pitomača and the area of Velika and Mala Črešnjevica.

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Medieval feudal manor; Gradec / Stari Gradec; Kotar Gušće; lists of taxes

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