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Podravina : časopis za multidisciplinarna istraživanja, Vol.16 No.32 Prosinac 2017.

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»Captaincy of Legrad and Međimurje« - additions to military service of Nikola VII. Zrinski

Ferenc Végh   ORCID icon ; Institute of history, University of Pecs, Hungary

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Végh, F. (2017). »Legradska i Međimurska kapetanija« - dodaci vojnoj službi Nikole VII. Zrinskog. Podravina : časopis za multidisciplinarna istraživanja, 16(32), 59-70. Preuzeto s

In the middle of the 17. century, after Kaniža was captured by the Turks (1600), Nikola VII. Zrinski (1620-1664) and his younger brother Petar (1621-1671), co-owners of the Čakovec feudal manor with jurisdiction of almost entire Međimurje, organise a protection zone in the newly established provinces. »The poet and the general« from 1638 onwards together with his brother and in the period between 1649 and 1664 on his own manages the defense of the territory between Drava and Mura. After his death this task was carried out by his brother Petar. Besides their numerous private army, as »captains of Legrad and Međimurje«, brothers Zrinski command the garrisons maintained by the Hapsburg sovereign. This led to formation of a separate defense zone within the province, which was »placed against Kaniža«, and was similar to archcaptaincies of generalates of Slavonia and Petrinja and Croatia with coastal region. Primary sources used for this study should prove that the captaincies of Legrad and Međimurje were two separate organisational units that fell under jurisdiction of one captain in order to enable more efficient management, and were subsequently inherited in the Zrinski family. After obtaining the title of governor, Nikola VII. Zrinski commands the province fortifications at the banks of Kupa, as well as garrisons of Szécsisziget and Novi Zrin located north of Mura, and at the beginning of 1660 he also commands the manpower amounting to almost two thousand royal soldiers.

Ključne riječi
Međimurje; Legrad; Nikola Zrinski; Petar Zrinski; Captaincy of Legrad and Međimurje; early Modern Age

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