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Podravina : časopis za multidisciplinarna istraživanja, Vol.16 No.32 Prosinac 2017.

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Ecosystem characteristcs karst cave Belojača in region Podravje

Ana Vovk Korže ; Faculty of Arts, University of Maribor, Maribor, Slovenia
Vesna Korže ; Inštitut za promocijo varstva okolja, Maribor, Slovenija

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Vovk Korže, A., Korže, V. (2017). Ekosistemske značilnosti kraške jame Belojače v podravski regiji. Podravina : časopis za multidisciplinarna istraživanja, 16(32), 150-158. Preuzeto s

Belojača cave lies on a west corner of the Pannonian basin in Podravje region, on contact between Eastern Karavanke Alp and Haloze. Within a research about Belojača cave we performed a six-month research about its ecosystem characteristics. Ecosystem characteristics include climate, water, soil, plant and animal species. We only observed the biotic component of the ecosystem inside and near the cave, but we gathered the information about air, water and soil quality through field and laboratory measurements. The research was performed from October 2016 to March 2017. Cave ecosytems are classified as extreme because their ecosystem characteristics change much slower and later than characteristics of all the other common ecosystems. Many animal species, especially bats are drawn to habitats like that. Bats are known for using caves like Belojača cave for hibernation and mating. Belojača cave is one of the rarest karst caves on the west corner of the Pannonian basin. With the help of all the measurements and gathered data we successfully showed intresting correlations between ecosystem characteristics of the Belojača cave.

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cave ecosystem; cave Belojača; water; soil; clima; bats

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