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Podravina : časopis za multidisciplinarna istraživanja, Vol.16 No.32 Prosinac 2017.

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Marginality as topic of scientific research in geography – with overview of Međimurje

Zlatko Horvat ; State geodetic administration, Prelog
Aleksandra Toskić ; Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

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Horvat, Z., Toskić, A. (2017). Marginalnost kao znanstveno-istraživačka tema u geografiji - s osvrtom na Međimurje. Podravina : časopis za multidisciplinarna istraživanja, 16(32), 159-171. Preuzeto s

This paper provides analysis of existing literature and research of relevant authors, as well as research synthesis into own critical-analytical conclusions in order to provide a short overview of marginality phenomenon with special reference to the geographic aspect of phenomenon comprehension. Scientists that research the marginality phenomenon agree that there is no simple and universal definition of what geographic marginality is, or should be. However, the existence of geographic marginality is evident reality. The concept and phenomenon of geographic marginality should not be identified with the notions of periphery and poverty. Moreover, it should be observed that these notions overlap and supplement each other, and that the study and analysis of geographic marginality involves interdisciplinary and systematic geospatial approach. Expressed complexity of marginality and marginalization and problems in approaching this process result in a very widely set framework, which further aggravates the definition of marginality indicators and their consistent application in applicative research. Determining indicators which define marginality of a specific area on global, regional or local level is one of the most important steps that require caution because they direct the research and affect the results. However, variety and difference of indicators should not restrain and limit the research but open new perspectives in researching marginality. Future research should be more focused on marginality indicators and their processing methods, especially by means of using GIS methods for spatial and factorial analysis which enables application of various groups of indicators and selection of the most adequate indicators that match certain level or perspective of observation with reference to the multidimensionality of marginalization.

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Geographic marginality; identificators; GIS

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