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Medicinski vjesnik, Vol.29 No.(1-2) Prosinac 1997.

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Grieving for a fellow-fighter

Renata Bek

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Bek, R. (1997). Grieving for a fellow-fighter. Medicinski vjesnik, 29((1-2)), 7-13. Preuzeto s
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Bek, R. (1997). Žalovanje za suborcem. Medicinski vjesnik, 29((1-2)), 7-13. Preuzeto s

In recent years we have witnessed the war catastrophe taking place in the Republic of Croatia. Grieving being an integral part of any war experience, the confrontation with the increased number of grieving problems and the subsequent process of bereavement has become inevitable. The objective of this research was to determine the types of mourning for a fellow-fighter, i.e. to establish the difference in grieving, if any, after a loss of a fellow-fighter at war compared to the loss of a friend in non-war conditions (in an accident). Groups I and II had to fill in the Texas revised inventory of grief (TRIG). The survey included two groups of respondents, the first consisting of 30 subjects whose friend was killed at war and the second comprised of 30 subjects who lost a friend in an accident in non-war conditions. The results proved a statistically significant difference in grieving between the surveyed groups. The dominant feature in the first group was a prolonged absence of grief, followed by an acute postponed and prolonged grieving (in that order), whereas the second group was characterised by acute grieving with only four cases of prolonged grieving. The results obtained show the presence of specific bereavement for a fellow-fighter and indicate the need for planning and providing psychological help for the grieving in order to preventand relieve the problem.

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fellow-fighter; grieving

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